The Aidan K Foundation does not take donations directly; we simply put good people like yourself in contact with individuals and organizations in need.

We work predominantly with the Cerebral Palsy of North Jersey.  We foster participation in their Brief Case to Bookcase program, sponsor and facilitate the Aidan K Foundation Holiday Toy Drive, which benefits children from CPNJ and their affiliates, and we sponsor and participate in CPNJ’s premier fundraising event, the ‘Wheelin and Walkin’ Challenge.

To make a donation on behalf of the Aidan K Foundation please go to CPNJ’s How To Help/Donate to a specific event page by clicking here.  Put  ‘Aidan K’ in the ‘If you would like your gift to go towards a particular program or event, please let us know.‘ field.

If you would like to participate in any off these events please contact us.

Thank you,