Brian’s Team

At Brian’s T.E.A.M. our mission is to provide a means of structured recreation, physical fitness, athletic instruction, therapeutic intervention(s), and memorable moments for children and adults with special needs.  Many individuals with special needs lack the opportunities to belong to a sports team, a recreational activity, or any social network.  At Brian’s T.E.A.M., our goal is to create a place where every child, young adult, and adult, regardless of limitations, can feel like a team player and have a sense of belonging.

Their mission is to teach people within communities to embrace an inclusive culture where children of all abilities realize their strengths and gain the skills required to maximize their potential, explore their purpose, and become leaders who are catalysts for change in their schools and communities.

CPNJ is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities and other special needs by supporting personal growth, independence, and participation in the community.

About CPNJ’s Horizon Schools (video)

Check Out their Music Video, ‘We Still Rise’ on Youtube. The children are very proud of their work and are eager to see the number of views grow. Pleaes take a look; I am sure you be impressed.

Starlight Farms

Starlight Farm, Inc. is an organization dedicated to providing equine-assisted activities and therapies to individuals with disabilities.
Our goals are to encourage positive self-esteem, confidence and independence in the relaxing, enjoyable setting of the farm. They are also dedicated to protecting the well-being of our horses as well as promoting the healing power of the horse-human connection.

Lindenblad Music School

Adaptive Piano Lessons offer children with special needs the opportunity to experience the benefits and joys of making music while learning to play the piano.

Innovative Piano

By combining classical piano training and the fundamentals of ABA the Innovative Piano Technique has given special needs students the opportunity to learn how to play the piano.

NYU Langone Medical Center – Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

The NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center is the largest epilepsy center in the United States. We provide our patients with state-of-the-art technology and a multi-faceted, expert team of health care professionals from technicians to neurosurgeons. As a Level Four epilepsy center we offer the most complex forms of intensive epilepsy monitoring, extensive neuropsychological and psychosocial services, and neurosurgical services for epilepsy treatment. Our dedication to our patients’ quality of life is the driving force behind our commitment and our success.

Aidan was evaluated by the a Pediatric Neurologist at NYU. She agreed with Aidan’s Dr’s assessment and treatment plan.

Aidan’s Doctor.
Josiane LaJoie M.D.

Assistant Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics

The Epilepsy Center at Johns Hopkins

The Epilepsy Center at Johns Hopkins evaluates and cares for all patients with seizure disorders from infants through the elderly. A unique aspect of our Epilepsy Center is that we provide a continuum of care for our patients across the age spectrum.

Aidan was scheduled to visit the Epilepsy Center at Johns Hopkins to be evaluated for the Ketogenic Diet. He did not have to go because his seizures stopped two months before he was to go to Johns Hopkins.

Valley Hospital

The Valley Hospital is a fully accredited, acute care, not-for-profit hospital serving more than 440,000 people in 32 towns in Bergen County and adjoining communities.

Aidan was first diagnosed with Infantile Spasms in the emergency room of the Valley Hosptital. He spent 11 days there. He underwent a number of tests and began his course of ACTH.

The Childrens Hospital at Montefiore – Clinical Services – Neurology Epilepsy and Autism

The Division of Pediatric Neurology at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM) is committed to offering children with neurological diseases a thorough diagnosis and carefully managed, cutting edge treatment plan through our comprehensive, family-centered approach to care. Our pioneering, world renowned doctors and multidisciplinary support team are also dedicated to educating and empowering each child’s extended care network and helping the entire family to enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

Aidan was diagnosed with IS for the second time at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore. He spent 11 days there while undergoing another round of tests and a second MRI. He was started on Zonegrin in attempt to control the seizures. This would prove to be unsuccessful as well.

Aidan’s Doctor
Karen Ballaban-Gil, M.D.Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology and Clinical Pediatrics, the Associate Director of the Montefiore Medical Center Sleep-Wake Disorders Center and the Director of the Child Neurology Residency Training Program at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

The Neurology Group of Bergen County

The Neurology Group of Bergen County, P.A., was founded in 1975 to bring high quality care to people with nervous system disorders. We provide to our patients current knowledge, effective treatment, and practical recommendations in a comfortable, accessible setting. We communicate clearly and respectfully.

This is Aidan’s home base. He saw the Doctors here on a regular basis. As Aidan grew and his seizures and symptoms developed he was seen by all three doctors in the Pediatric Neurology Group. His doctors are:

Peter L. Heilbroner, M.D., Ph.D.
Pediatric Neurology

Jennifer A. Cope, M.D.
Pediatric Neurology

Mitchell Steinschneider, M.D., Ph.D. (current doctor)
Pediatric Neurology