CPNJ Wheelin and Walkin Challenge – $1,100 !!

CPNJ’s Wheelin and Walkin Challenge, as always, was a huge success. For the first time in the 10 Year history of the event the festivities had to be moved inside due to severe weather. Well, the children were as happy as ever as they all gathered in the gym and prepared to walk through the school’s main hallway. They all did great!!!

Even though we fell just short of your goal, the CPNJ’s Wheelin and Walkin Challenge was still a huge success. With your help, the Aidan K Foundation was able to contribute $1,100.00. In total the event raised over $90,000!!!. These funds will go a long way for the children at CPNJ’s Horizon school.

Thank You!!

2013 CPNJ Wheelin and Walking Challenge

The Aidan K Foundation will once again be sponsoring CPNJ’s Wheelin and Walking Challenge to be held on May 24th at 10AM. This is CPNJ’s premier fundraising event and is a fun day for the children at CPNJ’s Horizon School.

The Aidan K Foundations hopes to raise $1250.00 for CPNJ this year!! To get us started the Aidan K Foundation will make an initial donation of $750.00, we need you to help us get the rest of the way!!

To make a donation on behalf of the Aidan K Foundation please go to CPNJ’s How To Help/Donate to a specific event page by clicking here. Put ‘Wheelin and Walkin/Aidan K’ in the ‘If you would like your gift to go towards a particular program or event, please let us know.‘ field.

If you would like to participate in the event and walk with a child please us know.

2012 Toy Drive

The Aidan K Foundation’s 2012 Toy Drive was once again a huge success. With your help we are able to provide over 40 gifts to special needs children and their siblings this holiday season!!